I, like most people I know work well below my potential. As I was reading my previous post on this abandoned blog that I own I realized, I’m something like a lyrical genius.  I should be writing more, and that is on my list of short term goals.  I should not keep this genius confined.  I need to share it with the world! As of late I have begun to prioritize my life and the unfinished projects that litter my existence. It’s time to check off some of these DONE boxes on my list.

I thought, maybe I should be an “urban” blogger. Reporting on the news of the day, commenting on pictures of your favorite rapper and his latest side piece, becoming the latest outlet to leak the newest wack track of the week. The realization that the market is flooded with those already hit me pretty quickly. AND more importantly the majority of those chicks arent even that cute so I would NEVER want to get mistakenly lumped into that crowd.

So I’ve decided to create my own path.  Share with the world the insanity that flows through my cranium on a daily basis.  Well maybe not daily because let’s be serious, I’m not getting paid for this and I am currently typing this on the computer of the employer that is paying me not to do this. 🙂

Stay tuned I’m sure more insightful bullshit that I want to share shall come forth in the coming days, weeks, months and years….maybe. In the meantime I’ve decided to write a self help book, so be on the lookout for:

Girl, He dont want you! How to quit stumbling and fumbling in the dark of meaningless relationships and get on with life.