Dear Chuckles,

Dont kill me for calling you that but thats the one thing that I think of when it comes to you. You make me laugh sometimes til it hurts. When I dont want to, you make me. When I first “met” you I didnt think I would like you. You were rather standoffish and a little assholeish. After a year or so I saw that you were someone else. Our friendship grew out of a great necessity..a necessity for protection. LOL We’ve created this little bubble that for some reason people always want to infiltrate. Over the last 5 years I have never felt closer to another man without there being some sex involved in there somewhere. You’ve never let me down and i heart you for that. Having someone I can depend on is important. You mean the world to me. I know when I see you I am going to be beat up for all this sappy goofy ass shit but its ok. I have a special song playing in my head right now as I type this…I’ll just say 2 words….LENNY WILLIAMS. LOL  Ok enough of that shit…see ya later this week you black ashy MF.

Forever your raggedy yellow succubus,