Dear Kimmy,

I’ve been contemplating on where to begin with this letter. Hmm I guess I can start at the beginning. Like most little sisters, of course I looked up to you. You were older, smarter and all the boys liked you. I wanted to be just like you.  So imagine how it felt to have the person you want to be like tell you, get lost kid! Stop being a tag along! I was always referred to as Kim’s little sister and it was something I hated because I felt like you didnt want to be associated. It hurt. It hurt alot. It took me a LONG time to get over that, as I’m sure you can tell. Our relationship has not been as close as it could have been over the years, but its getting there. I look forward to spending time with you in our old age. Life brings about all kinds of room for growth and change. You are an excellent mother and wonderful wife. We are similar in alot of ways and different in just as many. In time I will give you full access to all my online life…BUT NOT NOW. LOL

Love you,