Dear Ann,

You never cease to amaze me.  People wonder how it is that you can get on tv and say the things you say. They wonder how you can write the books that you do with such content.  I simply reply, its her JOB. 90% of the people I know, go to jobs that they hate and do and say shit that they dont want to. Why do they do it? For a paycheck. Their paycheck isnt even close to the dough that you are pulling in.  So I applaud you, I cant wait to do it myself. I got a few books in me that might shake the world. I mean I cant let you and Glenn Beck collect all the crazy people’s money. SHARE!!! I plan to take a different path, kind of like what all strippers say they are going to do. Get in, get the money and get out. I have it all worked out.

See you on Fox News,

Your future competition.