Dear Danny,

I struggled on which ex I would write this letter to and I chose you. Why? Because you are the one that I am still the coolest with. Well when you aint tryin to get in my panties 🙂 j/k (but not really). Anywho let me get on to writing.  I would say that my relationship with you was one of the realest. We shared alot with each other, we have a very close bond and we understood the importance of compromise. It was not until the end that our relationship broke down and we both did some things that we probably shouldnt have.  I’m glad that we are past that stage, we have both forgiven and moved on.  I am happy to still be able to call you friend.  I wouldnt be opposed to spending time with you, watching NASCAR or football like we used to.  However, you have a girlfriend so that isnt exactly appropriate.  I wish you all the success in the world.  You are a wonderful father and a stand up guy.

Love always,