Dear Trevor,

You are the lucky winner of the title of my favorite internet friend. Apparently in order to be my internet friend I have to have never met you, had real sex with you or been in your wedding. So you are it! lol On a serious note, I couldnt stand your Yankee loving ass when i first “e-met” you.  You were assigned as my cut buddy in that retarded game and I got to “e-know” you.  After that the road got a little easier. I mean there are times when you still piss me the hell off, BUT I love you regardless.  You are so supportive, generous and funny.  You would make a great catch if you could sit your ass still and quit looking at tits and ass all the time.  Above all else you are an awesome father, brother, and son. I am proud to call you my e-friend and anxious to meet you in real life so I can move you from the internet friend category. See you in Orlando after Christmas (i hope).

Love you even though you hate Tyler and love Nicki,