Dear Keith,

Its been a minute since we’ve done our usual game of catch up.  How are you, how are the kids, the wife, etc.  I remember the days that we used to talk all day long. I loved hanging out with you.  You always kept it 100 with me. You wanna know whats funny? I dont even remember where we met. I’m sure it was on some internet chat site but which one I dont remember.  We were going through similar situations at the same time which helped our bond grow quickly.  We both have had the “what if” thoughts and they have really gotten us nowhere. lol Who knows….anyway. I’ll be back in Atlanta over Christmas and we NEED to get together and talk like we used to.  Just sit down for dinner and some drinks and kick it.  OMG I will never forget our trip to Tunica and you being scared of the backwoods of Mississippi. A Jersey boy in the South scared to death. PRICELESS.

Love you, miss you, see you soon,