Dear Grandfather,

I have been searching my brain for an appropriate title to refer to you as. I am stuck on grandfather because technically that is what you are.  I never met you so I dont know what else to call you.  My only memory of you is you coming to my grandmother’s house and her sending us to play in the back.  I remember coming back up to the curtain that separated the kitchen from the living room and hearing her ask you “Nita’s kids are here do you wanna see them?” And your reply simply being No, what do I want to do that for?  I went back to the back to play.  It was not until later in life that I realized how much that affected me. 

From what I have been told of you, you were not really that nice of a man.  I guess it was better that I didnt know you and that Dave stepped up to be our grandfather. Even after suffering a stroke and having limited mobility he was a better grandfather than you ever were.  I hope you are resting in peace, actually, I dont. I really dont care. I just needed to write this to close that chapter of my life.