Dear Tony,

Today is probably the worst day for me to write this letter…or maybe its the best.  After watching For Colored Girls I feel like my emotions are really raw right now.  Its so amazing the things you learn as you age.  When I first met you, I thought you were this annoying freshman always tryin to hit on me. I guess something can be said about the love that grows when you feel protected.  I learned how to love from you.  The feelings that I get whenever I’m around you, I dont get with anyone else. For the longest time you were the benchmark. Everyone was compared to you…and no one measured up.  I look around now and your presence in my life is barely recognizable.  I never wanted it to be this way and I dont know why it is.  I guess with me moving away what can I really expect.  I really didnt give you an explanation why I was leaving, but you were a big part.  I didnt want to keep holding on to figure out what we were going to be. You offered no promises and I began to see a future that was bleek.  I figured why would I stick around for nothing.  I wanted to find something new….find a love that I felt a deserved. I so desperately wanted you to be the person to give me that love, but alas it was not in the cards.

We are still cordial and thats always a plus.  Maybe a little too cordial because thats all there is now.  There is none of the shit talking we used to do that i truly miss.  How I long to hear you say Aye Shawty Red, it brought a smile to my face everytime.  I guess I cant continue living in the past.  We are 2 different people now in 2 different places.  I wish you happiness and love.