Dear Ro,

Didnt expect this one to be about you huh? Well it is! When I first joined ODB i was like ughhh she got a little funky attitude with her rules and what not.  Thats not what the internet is supposed to be…you should be free to say what you want. Over time I realized that those rules were important, even though I still said what I wanted anyway.  You were kinda standoffish, it was almost like you were the queen and everyone else was around to limit access to you. After I stuck around for a while I changed my impression and I thought, “she ok…i guess”. As more time went on I was shocked to be offered the Admin position. I truly joined to be a user not in charge of anything. I had been there, done that and was exhausted.  I took it though and it wasnt so bad.  I was truly shocked that you asked me to be in your wedding. I really didnt see that coming at all. I didnt know how the others girls who had known you longer would feel.  I still dont know, if they felt some type of way they never really said it to me.  I thank you again for allowing me to share in your day and I feel honored to call you friend and partner (not the ’09 kind lol).

Quit wishing a baby into my womb!