For those of you who watch my youtube videos ( you know that I go to a somewhat janky university. WELL…its finals time. I have an online class where I was required to write an eight to ten page paper on a topic of my choosing. I calculated my grade and realized that even if I didnt write the paper, I had enough points to get a B in the class. So I half assed it and only did four pages thinking “some points are better than no points”. Do you know this lady gave me 100%? I was FLOORED. I was sitting there thinking she couldnt have possibly read my paper. I have to get out of that school because education is NOT a priority. If she thought that paper was an A she must listen to Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka Flame and think they are the greatest rappers alive. Or maybe, just maybe I AM THE SHIT. 🙂