In keeping with my tradition of being EXTRA RANDOM on this blog, I figured I would blog about this.  The SunTime and the Trib are reporting that DreX is out at Clear Channel Radio Chicago’s Top 40 WKSC-FM (103.5). Also gone with him are his two sidekicks Mel T and Angi Taylor.  DreX had just signed a new contract in 2009 so this, I’m sure was a bit of a surprise to EVERYONE involved. The reasons for DreX’s abrupt exit Tuesday are unclear.

I can honestly say Chicago radio is probably the WORST in the nation.  Its either for the extra OLD and boring or the super young and stupid.  There is nothing for us in the middle.  I listened to DreX’s show every once in a while but it was ALL talk. No music.  And if you arent fond of a gay agenda then if definitey wasnt your cup of tea.

If you listen to other Clear Channel stations its some music and some talk but not really music I want to hear.  I have a choice between Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner and most mornings, i pick NEITHER.  WGCI has the morning riot but they play too much rap that I hate (ie Soulja boy, Waka Flocka, etc.)

B96 got rid of Eddie and Jobo for J and Julian and that was the equivalent of every christmas being given a fruit cake to being given a chia pet. IM JUST SAYING.

So I guess I will continue riding in silence.