Is it possible for an attention whore to get too much attention?  The light shines so bright that it blinds your eyes…burns your skin…its simply too much.  I thought that this “vacation” would give me ample time to decompress and figure out some pressing matters in my life.  Little did I know I would walk into a whole shitload of other problems.  There is so much on my brain right now, I cant even begin to start.  One thing I know for sure…I dont want you in my business anymore.  Who? YOU…no, not you…you’re cool. YOU.  Why I’m even talking to you, I dont know. You dont even know these megabytes exist on the internet.

I used to think it was cute when he, him and that other dude would read certain things I posted on the internet.  I knew I would get a message or a call and I would think…oh he cares.  Now, I dont want it. I dont need it.  I realize now that was a bit manipulating on my part and I never wanted to be that chick.  She’s not cute.  She’s insecure and needy.  I am NOT that chick.  So the access has been denied, calls unanswered, texts ignored.  You go your way and I’ll go mine.  I just dont want to live my life that way anymore.  I can’t say I want my life a certain way and do the complete opposite. That shit dont make sense.