So I figured with only one day left in 2010 why not kick some shit off. Yall know me…:) So my question to you readers is this: Let’s say you’re with your man for 5, 10, 15, 20 years…is it plausible to think he wont cheat? Or an even better question, do you think he can ONLY have sex with you and be truly happy? I’ve had convos with some of my male compadres over the last few weeks and made my stance on this pretty clear. Some were shocked and some were like…oh, wow….tell me more about this. LOL

I look at it like this, I dont care if you have sex with another chick…BUT I need to know about it, AND i need to approve her. There are certain rules involved in undertaking this type of mission. I know some of you are saying…why get in a relationship if you are just going to cheat. I would ask that you take a moment and be honest with yourself, if your man cheats on you what are you the most upset about? The act or the lies that came with it? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Done thinking, yeah ok so back to what I was saying. There are rules to this…and men PLLLLLLLLLLEASEEEEE know that these rules apply to me too.

Some might say it wont work in a marriage and I might say you are right, BUT I dont plan on getting married….I want that Stedman and Oprah shit. You committed to me and I’m committed to you, what the law got to do with our love?

Just some food for thought…discuss….please 🙂 Merry New Year!!!