what the hell is wrong with me? My life is like a daily ride on the worst roller coaster at Six Flags. Maybe its hormones, but I swear I just want to go and sit in my closet and not be bothered. I dont and wont take any hormones to replace the ones that I might be missing due to my thyroid surgery. I’m trying to lessen the chances of cancer at all costs.
In other random news…the new year has come and I swear if ONE MORE PERSON says Happy New Year to me at work I’m going to scream and go out on medical leave.
For some really crazy reason I feel like I need a new Beyonce album…like tomorrow. Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Dondria. Now if that aint random I dont know what is. Oh and if you havent joined Global14 already what the hell are you waiting on? http://www.global14.com
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