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And all the pieces arent even in the box….

and yet…you see the picture clear as day….. Pardon me while I enjoy this musical interlude.

Ok and now back to your regularly scheduled extrarandom blog. Of all of Beyonce’s songs, this one speaks to me the most. The people that tend to love me the most and the most honestly are the ones I tend to treat the worst…and they still love me. I don’t know why but I thank 23 year old Jesus everyday for them. I have had a lot of A-HA moments in the last 7 days, 2011 has been super insightful. The old me used to scream, yell and cry if I didn’t get my way. These days, I sit back and assess the situation and formulate an action plan. They say in your 30’s you really start to understand who you are…and by your 40’s you get it and life is a lot easier. Well I can tell you, I can’t wait if it gets better than this.
I feel like for the last one third of a dozen years I have been trying to put together this puzzle with 10,000 pieces and the box showing what the picture is supposed to look like was missing. Over the last one tenth of ten years I have had a couple of occasions where the box showed up and was flipped over for 2 nanoseconds and then gone again. I caught a glimpse….enough to let me know that I got the edges right, and now its time to try and put the center together.
I usually hate puzzles, my ADD wont allow for me to concentrate long enough to finish, but this one…I plan to finish, its on my bucket list and 2012 will be here before you know it. I know today I sound extrarandomy…I don’t know what it is…crazy hormones I guess, or I’m about to start my period. Anywho…have a great weekend!


A-B-C 1-2-3….

what the hell is wrong with me? My life is like a daily ride on the worst roller coaster at Six Flags. Maybe its hormones, but I swear I just want to go and sit in my closet and not be bothered. I dont and wont take any hormones to replace the ones that I might be missing due to my thyroid surgery. I’m trying to lessen the chances of cancer at all costs.
In other random news…the new year has come and I swear if ONE MORE PERSON says Happy New Year to me at work I’m going to scream and go out on medical leave.
For some really crazy reason I feel like I need a new Beyonce album…like tomorrow. Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Dondria. Now if that aint random I dont know what is. Oh and if you havent joined Global14 already what the hell are you waiting on?
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