Everyone who KNOWS me, knows that it takes alot to stress me out. I mean I can count on one hand how many times I have truly been stressed in my life. I work pretty hard to keep that number down. I’m naturally a happy person. No need for drugs, alcohol or sex…well ok maybe sometimes but that’s different. 🙂 I can’t explain my normally sunny disposition…it just is. I dont question it, I just thank 8yr old Jesus for giving it to me.

As of late I have taken measures to eleviate a great amount of stress that I brought upon myself. That person is none to pleased that he was voted off the island, but guess who cares? Nope….not me either. I do think that I have been a little more stressed than usual this past month. My infrequent, mini anxiety attacks have escalated and become somewhat commonplace. No Bueno!

I know that I brought that upon myself and I took some necessary measures to eleviate that as well. Life is too short to be stressed when there are goo gobs of happiness waiting out there for you. I cant continue on this way I know that much for sure. My health has been adversely affected and my smiles have turned upside down.

The ball is no longer in my court, all I can do now is sit and wait. Whatever decision comes I will be ok with, but this shit right here…i will not continue with.