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New Adele!!!

Not sure how my blog turned into a music one…but fuck it. Miss Adele is coming with her sophomore effort called 21 1st qtr 2011. I CANT WAIT. She tells AOL Music:

The album’s bluesy, anthemic first single, ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ showcases Adele’s attitude towards her ex and how she’s hoping to get a bit of “revenge” with her success. “I was angry!” she tells Spinner. “I was really, really angry with with my personal life up to about a year ago. I’ve grown up a little as well, and I like to think I’ve blossomed into who I’m going to become. I’m not really willing to be walked all over like I was with the relationship that the first record is about. I have the upper hand now, so yeah, the whole record is a bit bitter.”

Have a listen.


Another one bites the dust: Keri Hilson ho’n for the camera

My blog was not meant to be an entertainment/music blog but….this needs to be addressed.

The latest little girl lost is Miss Keri Baby…she has sold her soul to the hooch Gods for WSHH views and record sales.  Too bad its not gonna work.

I really believed her last year when she said in Complex Magazine:

Keri Hilson: Yeah! I don’t want to be oversexed! I don’t want to sell sex, I want to sell music. I want to inspire others, I don’t want to be one of those people who’s always throwing their body at the masses. What good does that do? Besides sell records. Men don’t buy records, anyway. These pictures are Photoshopped, they’re airbrushed. If anything, it’s just the opposite for me, where women are my fans.

and now we have this….smmfh

And now it begins

The mourning…grieving…whatever you want to call it.  Part of me is scared that if I take this time and distance from him that when i do have communication with him again I will feel anger and disgust. I dont want that. At the same time I cant be in constant contact either. I’m screwed either way.  I dont know what to do, you would think I would have some sort of direction but I have nothing.  So I will sit and wait for God to figure this out because I have no clue.

And then what???

So I finished my 30 days and now I’m really trying to figure out what to do now.  Sounds crazy huh? What’s even more crazy is the fact that I am writing this blog as if people are really reading it.  At this point I dont care if another living soul reads this blog, I am doing this for me.  I need to release.  Those 30 days definitely taught me that I need to get things out. There were things in me that I had been holding for far too long. NOW I feel like I cant stop. Over the last 24 hours I have said alot of things that I never thought I would say.  I feel better saying them and now, its time to move forward. Not saying those things kept me held back for a very long time.  I feel free. Thank you for freedom.

Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror

Dear Kandice,

You are awesome.  Have I told you that lately? No, really? Are you sure? Because I believe it.  You have so much untapped potential inside of you. Let it out. FOCUS on what needs to be done and you can do it.  These 30 days flew by didnt they?  I know you got alot of things out that you never thought you would say on a public blog.  Feel better now? Good.  Enjoy your time with your family, get back to IL and focus.  Make your next move (literal or physical) your best move.

Love ya bunches,

The WOMAN in the mirror.

Day 29 — The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to

Dear Ali,

For some reason you think this letter should be addressed to you…so i said why the hell not. lol  Honestly everything that I WANT to tell you, i either have or will eventually.  You are learning alot on your own and by the end of this week im sure you will have more information than you ever thought you wanted to know.  Hope you’re ready.


See ya on da road

Day 28 — Someone that changed your life

Dear Keiron,

I decided to write this letter to you. No other person on this earth has changed my life as much as you. You made me a mom.  You gave me my 2 beautiful babies and I cant thank you enough.  Sure there have been days where I wanted to cut your balls off…but I was gonna give em back. LOL  We went from love to pure hate to pure love again.  I guess I just needed to get the hell away from you to get along with you.  I couldnt have asked for a better friend…and you are turning out to be a pretty good fulltime dad. OTHER THAN ALL THE GOT DAMN CURSING…and BET watching.  Thanks for everything.

Love ya,